About Precision:

Precision Heat Treat Ltd is a high quality custom heat treating shop in Surrey, BC, Canada.  We heat treat steel parts to make them harder, stronger, and tougher.  By heating the metal, we can alter the microstructure of the steel to make it more durable, improve wear resistance, increase the tensile strength or to make it easier to shape.  We offer:

  • Through hardening of machinery steels (eg. 4140, 4340)
  • Case hardening of carburizing grades (eg. 8620, 4320, 3312)
  • Stress relieving of welded fabrication and rough machined parts


We can also provide certification as needed:

  • Hardness testing
  • Case depth/core hardness testing for case hardened parts
  • Microstructural analysis
  • Process review via time/temperature charts


Our experienced team has over 100 years of combined heat treating experience. We work closely together to ensure quality, reliability, prompt turnaround and great customer service.  Many of the most commonly available tools and machinery parts and components were processed here!


Please contact us for a detailed quote.


Our Partners:

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